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Welcome to Word Solutions, I provide freelance writing solutions for all types of writing projects.  I can meet any requirement that you would like expressed in a project. I provide free estimates and capable of meeting project timelines. Please e-mail me with questions regarding my services.
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Online Writing – Writer Tips for Article and Blog Promotion


All too often after completing an online writing project or blog post, writers fail to

take full advantage of the online resources available to them for promoting their

work. Building a web presence is an essential component of writing, which cannot

be overlooked. Writers who desire to capitalize on their ideas and knowledge

must  employ as many social media tools as possible to expand their readership.


Social media is a revolution which has overtaken the traditional ways of marketing and brand building in the writing profession. The assimilation of online writing and social media is not a fad, it is here to stay. Writers must grab on to these online tools and overcome any technical or motivational challenges they may encounter in order to succeed as an online writer.


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Writing as a Process of Inquiry


My life has been an enlightening set of experiences including world traveler, teacher, professor, and freelance writer. As an inquisitive person who always wants to know more a common thread that runs through all my experiences is – trying to understand why things are the way they are and not some other way.


Being the curious type, with the inane ability to know how to look up information and conduct research, I soon found a quote by Johannes Kepler (1571 – 1630) who was a German astronomer who stated – Why are things as they are and not otherwise? 


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10 Organization Tools Designed to Ease the Writing Process


Every freelance writer encounters the problem of organization during their writing career. This problem can strike even the most experienced writer, especially when working on large projects such as books or planning a series of blog postings. Losing a train of thought, plot, or theme portends disaster in any writing project. However, there is a solution for avoiding this calamitous state of affairs – mind mapping tools.


Mind mapping tools provide a powerful organization strategy for keeping large projects organized, planned, and well thought-out. Using these tools offer the ability to organize notes, capture ideas, arrange concepts, and keep central ideas pulled together in a logical sequence.


Organizational tools of this nature offer the convenience of a visual representation of writing projects. This representation cannot be obtained by looking at post-it notes stuck to a wall or stacks of notes surrounding a computer. Organization is critical to success as a writer.


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Why Embracing Online Technology is Essential for Writers Today

All too often writers are resisting the opportunity to embrace online technology to support their work. This may be surprising, because this also includes bloggers and other online writers.

So how can this be, writers use word processing programs, e-mail, or search for resources on the Internet. Also bloggers and online writers are by nature using online technology. However, this is not the online technology being referred to in this case.

How to build a web presence for marketing and advertising is provided using social media, free web tools, online portfolio, and mobile technology.

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8 Blogging Secrets Expert Bloggers Do Not Want

Other Bloggers to Know


Blogging involves planning and plenty of work to be successful. Learning the blogging secrets expert bloggers employ is fundamental to separating a good blog from the thousands of other good blogs within the background blogosphere noise.


Experts do not want other bloggers to know these secrets for the simple reason their competition will swell and then their task becomes more difficult.


Selecting a blogging strategy and technique for a specific niche is often a challenging task, because a blogger must satisfy their readers. 


Tips and ideas are provided for improving a blog to increase readership, along with how to increase the web presence of a blog within a niche.


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5 Ways to Increase a Professional Network Using LinkedIn


Most people use LinkedIn to increase their professional network in order to expand their client base, form a business partnership, collaborate on a project, or find employment. This free online service works well, because it is a professional network of more than 60 million members. However, even with its ever expanding membership LinkedIn is an online tool which is often under-utilized.


5 Strategies are provided for taking advantage of often under-utilized tools and techniques offered by this online tool for building a professional network


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10 Tips for Improving Your Writing Skills


Everyone has their own strategies and techniques when it comes to writing. Some people only write in the morning, while others only write after midnight. Regardless of when you write, the end result is the quality of the final product.


People often judge a written work using their own critiquing methods. This is important to know, because right up front you are not going to please everyone.


Considering reader critiquing methods and the fact it is impossible to please everyone, the best approach is to produce quality work. This can be accomplished by using strategies and techniques, which help produce a written work accepted by as many people as possible.


There are many strategies and techniques for achieving a goal of acceptability


10 strategies are offered for help writers improve their writing skills.


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